105 Keefer Design “Walkout”: A Guided Tour of the Chinatown Memorial Plaza with the Designer

105 Keefer Design “Walkout”: A Guided Tour of the Chinatown Memorial Plaza with the Designer

*Organized and submitted by Melody Ma*

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Beedie may have gotten their development permit approved for 105 Keefer in Chinatown, but as long as the gentrifier condo building isn’t built, it’s not over. We’ll continue to fight on. We’ll occupy and reclaim space loudly at 105 Keefer to protest with our culture, voices, and bodies.

When: Saturday, July 22 at 1 to 3pm
Where: Chinatown Memorial Plaza next to 105 Keefer
Cost: Free!

Join us on Saturday, July 22, 2023 at 1:00 PM for a free guided in-person design tour at the Chinatown Memorial Square. This unique event offers an opportunity to explore the plaza alongside one of its original co-designers, Lewis N Villegas.

Located next to 105 Keefer site where a billionaire real estate developer, Beedie, plans to build gentrifier condos, the Chinatown Memorial Square is a significant cultural landmark in the heart of Chinatown that honours the sacrifices of Chinese Canadian railway workers and veterans. During the tour, you’ll gain insights into the plaza’s original design concept, context, and significance, and why Beedie’s 105 Keefer condo project will negatively impact the plaza.

Whether you’re passionate about heritage and urban design or simply curious about Chinatown, this guided tour promises that you’ll learn something new. We’ll end with a light snack and social at the Memorial Plaza to chat about what this space can become.

Mark your calendars and join us for an enriching afternoon in the heart of Chinatown.

This tour will be conducted in English with paper print-outs. There may be future tours conducted in Cantonese and Mandarin.

*COVID Safety Information*

For the health and safety of all our community members (especially seniors, disabled and immunocompromised folks), we highly encourage you to wear a face mask (preferably KN95, KF94 or N95).

*Accessibility Information*

Chinatown is accessible by transit via skytrain. The closest skytrain station is Stadium-Chinatown.
Please bring your own water to keep hydrated.
There are gendered bathrooms at the Chinatown Plaza mall across from the Chinatown Memorial Plaza.