A tour of the Chung Collection at the UBC Library

A tour of the Chung Collection at the UBC Library

This morning, the Chinese Canadian Historical Society organized a tour of the Chung Collection at the UBC Library.

The guide was none other than Dr. Wallace Chung himself.

The tour starts like a bedtime story:

When Wally Chung was just six years old, he spent many hours in his father’s Victoria tailor shop. One thing, in particular that fascinated him was a colourful poster of the Empress of Asia, the CP ship that brought his mother to Canada in 1919.It fired the young boy’s imagination and inspired him to start collecting.

(the above text is from the UBC Library’s own description of the collection)

After many years of obsessive collecting, Dr. Chung has put together a very significant collection of documents and items related to Chinese immigration in Canada.
This collection is open to the public at the UBC Rare Books and Special Collections department, at the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre.

This guided tour was a special event.
Here are a few pictures I took during the tour (offered with apologies for the poor quality and unflattering portraits).