Lobbying to save Chinatown’s heritage

Lobbying to save Chinatown’s heritage

By Evan Duggan, on December 19th, 2017

There is much about Chinatown that Ma still likes, including the recently renovated and re-opened Mah Society building at 137 E. Pender St.

“It embodies all of the aspects and characteristics of what I think a lot of the community is looking for,” she said. “On the bottom floor … you have Jade Dynasty restaurant, which is a culturally appropriate business. Locals enjoy it, tourists enjoy it, it’s packed on the weekends. On top, you have social housing. … It’s not just limited to Chinese seniors. It’s open to everybody.”

One block south, Ma stops outside the Goldstone restaurant at 139 Keefer Street. “People don’t really know about (places like this) unless you look for them,” she said. “It’s still extremely busy every single day during lunch hour and in the mornings. … Some people even have their own table.”

The remaining few fishmongers and barbecue shops and Chinese Benevolent Society buildings are other examples. “If you look at the slivers between buildings and go upstairs, there’s a lot of people up there,” Ma said.

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