Chinatown Stories Volume 5: The Bridges Between Us is out now! 

Chinatown Stories Volume 5: The Bridges Between Us is out now! 

Our newest volume of Chinatown Stories is available in-stores and online now!


Volume 5 introduces the theme of “The Bridges Between Us”. Bridges are markers of the gaps dividing us, yet enable us to connect anyway. They can be built, they can be burnt, and they are critical crossing points in our journeys. A bridge can expand our possibilities for connection, or light the way anew for us when they burn. A new path into the unknown, a way back home to the familiar, or somewhere to pause and reflect on our progress. What shape do the bridges between us take? Where will these bridges lead us next?


Through poetry, prose, film, photography, and visual arts, the contributors of Chinatown Stories Volume 5 have risen to the challenge of interpreting the bridges in our relationships with Chinatown, each other, and ourselves. Across cultures and generations, beyond Vancouver and and across Turtle Island, we see bridges built through solidarity, through the empowerment of cultural heritage and acts of reciprocity, through the representation of our shared stories. Even out of the approval of 105 Keefer in spite of fierce community opposition, our contributors have shown that new bridges can be formed from the ashes of past ones burnt, and envisioned new futures for a thriving Chinatown. 


Alongside this dynamic collection of pieces from our contributors, Volume 5 features interviews with community members and organizations who are stewarding vital bridges in Chinatown within their own work. We spoke with Peter Lau about his time as founder and owner of Liang You Book Company Ltd. in Vancouver’s Chinatown since 1975. We also interviewed groups whose work bridges us across the intersections we share in the neighbourhood, including Elli Taylor from the Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users, as well as Nola Boasberg and Feven Tesfay from the Vancouver Black Library. These conversations offer insightful and critical context for the bridges present in today’s Chinatown.


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