Chinatown Rhythms: Tai Chi and Poetry Against Gentrification

Chinatown Rhythms: Tai Chi and Poetry Against Gentrification

*Organized and submitted by Melody Ma*

Facebook Event Page

Join us on Friday Sept 8th from 6:30–9:30pm for an evening in the heart of Chinatown to move your body and mind! We are making poetry, music and movement happen against Beedie’s development at 105 Keefer.

When: Friday, September 8 from 6:30 to 9:30pm
Where: Chinatown Memorial Plaza next to 105 Keefer
Cost: Free!


  • Tai Chi led by Chinatown elder and activist Mrs. Ma
  • Chinese classical instrument music by Zoe Leung
  • Chinese and English language poetry with Bo Liu, Debby Leung, Mercedes Eng,
    Selina Boan, jaye simpson and others to be announced

Welcoming by Manuel Axel Strain; Snacks, NARCAN, and Chinese translation for the intro and outro of the event.

Accommodations for deaf and hard-of-hearing community members forthcoming, email for more info.

Message from the curator S F Ho:

It’s been so heartening to see community continue to come together against Beedie’s awful development proposal at 105 Keefer. Sharing art, language, food, and heritage at the Chinatown Memorial Plaza strengthens our living cultures that will not be erased by gentrification, greedy developers or a poor-bashing city council.

Things to bring:

  • A chair if you can (Seating will be limited and prioritized for seniors and those who need it)
  • Water to stay hydrated
  • A sweater to keep warm in the evening

COVID Safety Information

For the health and safety of all our community members (especially seniors, disabled and immunocompromised folks), we highly encourage you to wear a face mask (preferably KN95, KF94 or N95).

Accessibility Information

Chairs: Bring your own chair and another for someone else. Seating is limited and will be prioritized for seniors.
Transit: Chinatown is accessible by transit via skytrain. The closest skytrain station is Stadium-Chinatown.
Parking: The Chinatown Plaza Mall has a parkade right next to the Memorial Plaza.
Water: Please bring your own water to keep hydrated.
Bathrooms: There are gendered bathrooms at the Chinatown Plaza mall across from the Chinatown Memorial Plaza.