Chinatown Dance Party + Sid Chow Tan Film Screening

Chinatown Dance Party + Sid Chow Tan Film Screening

*Organized and submitted by Melody Ma*

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Through all the battles we’ve fought, some won and some lost, one thing remains clear: gentrifiers might have money, but we have community. As a finale to the series of summer protest cultural events to occupy 105 Keefer, let’s celebrate community and our collective work with some witty fun, cake, dancing, and film!

When: Saturday, September 16 from 6:30 to 10:00pm
Where: Chinatown Memorial Plaza next to 105 Keefer
Cost: Free!

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What to expect:

  • Music by DJs WHICHNANCY 李南屏, TRAXXSTAR 梁家傑, and FAGOFCOLOUR 牛奶哥
  • Cheeky anti-gentry carnival games like smash 105 Keefer piñata, and other secret hilarious games you need to show up to see for yourself
  • Film screening of late community activist Sid Chow Tan’s films of Chinatown activism (start time ~8:30 or 9pm)
  • “Eat 105 Keefer” cake (actual delicious Chinatown-sourced cake)
  • Dim sum dinner
  • Nostalgic childhood snacks and drinks from Chinatown (think Yakult and VITA)

Things to bring:

  • Comfortable shoes and attire
  • Water to stay hydrated
  • A sweater to keep warm in the evening
  • A chair if you want a seat for the film screening (Seating will be limited and prioritized for seniors and those who need it)

COVID Safety Information

For the health and safety of all our community members (especially seniors, disabled and immunocompromised folks), we highly encourage you to wear a face mask (preferably KN95, KF94 or N95).

Accessibility Information

Chairs: Bring your own chair and another for someone else. Seating is limited and will be prioritized for seniors.
Transit: Chinatown is accessible by transit via skytrain. The closest skytrain station is Stadium-Chinatown.
Parking: The Chinatown Plaza Mall has a parkade right next to the Memorial Plaza.
Water: Please bring your own water to keep hydrated.
Bathrooms: There are gendered bathrooms at the Chinatown Plaza mall across from the Chinatown Memorial Plaza as well as at International Village (Tinseltown) Mall.