Covid19 – Chinatown Business Map

Covid19 – Chinatown Business Map


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Christina Lee

As many businesses in Chinatown have been forced to close because of Covid-19, some restaurants are still offering takeaway services. As cases begin to drop in BC, more businesses, such as Chinese groceries, are re-opening.

Below is an English and Traditional Chinese (繁体字) map of the businesses in Chinatown that are currently open. The map is public and can be accessed on desktop or mobile. You can also access the map using this link:

This map can be saved to your smartphone if you use Google Maps.

Find out what restaurants and grocers are open in Vancouver’s Chinatown during Covid-19

An updated map of Vancouver's Chinatown businesses open during Covid-19

When you click the link below on your smartphone, you will likely see a map that shows businesses that are open. Open businesses have a rice bowl, bak choi (veggie), or gate icon. Businesses in black are closed due to Covid-19. You can also click at the bottom of the screen to see a list of the businesses.

A list restaurants doing takeaway in Vancouver's Chinatown during Covid-19

The rice bowls show eateries that are open and doing takeaway (外賣) or delivery (送餐). All Chinese restaurants have English and Chinese names. You can click on one of the businesses to get details.

Delivery information for a Chinese restaurant in English and Chinese

If you click on a rice bowl, you will see the name of the restaurant in English and Traditional Chinese, as well as information on what they are currently serving. Some restaurants may be offering more limited menus.

Details on delivery options, such as Uber Eats, for an asian restaurant

Of course, Chinatown is also home to other Asian restaurants serving delicious Vietnamese, Thai, Cambodia, and Japanese food. Asian restaurants with specific cuisines will have a flag for the country of the cuisine. If a restaurant offers delivery via a delivery app, such as DoorDash, Skip the Dishes, or UberEats, it will be mentioned.

A list of open groceries in Vancouver's Chinatown during Covid-19

Finally, you can also see which grocery stores are open during Covid-19. Some places have begun to re-open.

Share the Vancouver Chinatown map on mobile

Finally, don’t forget to share this map with your friends, and especially family missing their favourite BBQ porks and baked goods while staying at home!

If more places have opened, please email us:

You can also find other neighbourhood businesses to support in this map.