Instead of koi, try these other fish options in Chinatown

Instead of koi, try these other fish options in Chinatown


Melody Ma


Christina Lee

While the elusive river otter preys on 50-year-old prized koi at the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Park, here are a few more koi-friendly choices in Chinatown where you can get some tasty fish without being hunted down by the authorities on #otterwatch2018. Besides, apparently koi taste like mud anyway.


Hung Win Seafood 洪運海產公司

This long-time staple fishmonger in Chinatown is a sight to be seen. With its fresh seafood on full display, visiting Hung Win is a hark back to fish markets in Asia. Instead of buying frozen tilapia at big box stores or fishing in a muddy pond, try Hung Win’s sustainable Ocean Wise-certified tilapia.
585 Gore Ave


Gar-Lock Seafoods 加樂海產公司

Pick up some fresh fish from Gar-Lock Seafoods after eating fish ball egg noodles for lunch at Phnom Penh next door. As one of the two remaining fishmongers in Chinatown, they sell affordable seafood of all kinds displayed in dozens of tanks for your picking.
252 Georgia St


Any Chinatown Dried Goods Store for Dried Salted Fish 鹹魚

Cantonese dried salted fish is a classic ingredient from the Guangdong homeland of Chinatown ancestors. Make your fried rice, vegetables, congee, and steamed meat dishes more flavourful with salted fish. Not only does it taste delicious, you don’t need to worry about it spoiling either! You can find all types of salted fish at many of the dried goods stores and herbal shops in Chinatown. Read more about the origins of salted fish and its cultural importance here.
For a list of dried good stores, visit here.


Floata Seafood Restaurant 富大海鮮酒家

Floata is well known for its large banquets, but you probably didn’t know that it serves delicious Ocean Wise seafood dishes including dumplings and sturgeon with goji berries. Learn more about their Ocean Wise sustainable seafood menu and dishes offered here.
180 Keefer, 2nd floor of Chinatown Plaza


Gain Wah 新京華

Steamed Black Cod in Black Bean Sauce, Sweet & Sour Deep Fried Rock Cod, Lobster in Cream Sauce, Braised Crab with Black Bean & Pepper, Chinese Style Shrimp Omelet, Fresh Sliced Fish Congee, Oyster & Ginger Onion Hot Pot, Chicken with Salt fish Fried Rice, Curried Squid on Rice…are just some of the seafood selection on Gain Wah’s menu. Hungry yet?
218 Keefer St

Ga Cheong by Christina Lee