#TeamOtter vs #TeamKoi

#TeamOtter vs #TeamKoi


The Chinatown Today Team


Pearl Low

The tale of how a rogue river otter invaded the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden and ate many of the koi is the most unexpected Chinatown story in recent memory.

Here are a few articles about it:

Vancouver Courier : Team Otter vs. Team Koi: Vancouverites pick sides as otter evades capture

CBC : Grand Theft Otter: River otter in Vancouver park steals fish — and hearts

Global : Vancouver Park Board bringing in wildlife expert to capture koi-eating otter

Vancouver Sun : Are you #TeamOtter or #TeamKoi? Pick a side with one of these adorable buttons

BBC News : An otter on the loose is eating koi from a formal garden

Georgia Straight : Otter with a taste for koi fish still feasting in Vancouver’s Chinatown and proving adept at evading authorities

Huffington Post : Otter On The Lam After Scarfing 7 Prized Koi Fish From Pond At Formal Garden

CBC : ‘He’s a bit of a pirate obviously,’ says biologist about koi-eating Vancouver otter

the Georgia Straight : Chinatown garden attempting to save remaining koi from hungry otter in East Vancouver

The Tyee : An Otter Is Winning Big Support in Vancouver, but I’m #TeamKoi

The Washington Post : Otter devours famed garden’s prized koi, forces emergency fish evacuation

Mashable : Wanted: One slippery otter, for the devouring of a garden’s prized koi


This story captured our imaginations to such a degree that we asked our friend Pearl Low to design mascots for both sides of this conversation.

We made a batch of buttons, which sold out in a single day.

The buttons are now available for purchase online:

Zazzle: Koi button – white, red, blue
Zazzle: Otter button – white, red, blue

Net proceeds will be donated to a wildlife preservation organization.

Team Otter and Team Koi buttons